Final Summer Stash Giveaway

It’s nearing the end of summer here in my corner of heaven. And this summer has been oh-so-good.

For me, summer = travel, lots and lots of travel. I tend to travel all year long but in the summer, it get’s a little out of hand.

Since summer = travel, my final “Summer Stash Giveaway” is “travel” themed.

How does 36 sheets of travel paper (and embellishments) sound? Good I hope!

Here’s a few close-ups of the giveaway stash:

Pictured above:

Making Memories “Great Escape” line. Two sheets of each: Varnish Passport, DieCut Quilt, Pattern Stripe, DieCut Map, Compass Foil, Hibiscus, Words, PLUS “Great Escape” Word Fetti Stickers and “Great Escape” Canvas Tags.

Pictured below:

Teresa Collins “Travelogue” and “Journal-it” lines. Two sheets of each: Travel Tags and Calendar Time. One sheet of each: Destination, Travel Tags & Words, Compass, Document, Journal Notes, Tags & Diamonds

Pictured below:

Making Memories “Passport” line. Two sheets of each: DieCut Road Sign, Postcard, Ledger Teal. One sheet of each: DieCut Stamp, Varnished Postmark. Plus two sheets of matching green cardstock and two sheets of “K&Company” Sea Glass Antique map.

Quite the travel paper giveaway, don’t ya think?

To enter:

Tell me: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Leave a comment on this post and I’ll announce the winner on

Saturday, September 17th.


xoxo, Christie


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