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More projects that I’ve done over that past year and haven’t shared…

Izabelle’s 12th Birthday party. I posted about all the goodies and fun handmade aprons HERE.

This layout was from our trip to Utah/Nevada for Parker’s 15th Birthday. We explored through Red Rock Canyon on our drive home from Las Vegas.

In the summertime we spend every moment we can at the Crabtree Family Cabin in Island Park, Idaho.

It’s so beautiful in Island Park. Now that the weather is changing it’s growing closer to the time of year we can visit again.

Here’s a bit of home decor…I was inspired by something I saw in a local craft store and had to try to emulated it.

Some two-page layouts.

I really, really, really have a hard time creating two-pagers.

Sometimes I just must.

My mother and I did a lot of canning last Autumn. It was a bit of hard work but so much fun!

It’s growing harder and harder to capture photos of my two children together. This day I went out with the sole purpose of accomplishing said task.

I’m not so happy with the way the layout turned out but I just love photos of my kids together.

Christmas! What a crazy-crafty time of the year! These are some of the projects that I created:

A simple Christmas banner…because…I’m obsessed with creating banners.

Banners are SO hard to photograph.

Like, really hard.

A couple of handmade ornaments.

I was inspired by the ornaments created at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique. Those are some crafty ladies, I’m tellin’ ya!

I loaded up on Christmas paper when I visited California last December. I don’t think I will ever have enough Christmas paper.

I mean, I have enough…but I’ll never have enough.

Ah, you know what I mean, right?

Speaking of California, when I traveled there, my baby sister tagged along. We had so much fun together! Our last couple days we spent in San Francisco.

We only had camera phones and the sun was behind us, so taking a good photo was pretty much impossible. It’s a really happy memory, so I had to scrapbook the photo anyway.

It’s not a visit to San Francisco without dinner at Scoma’s and dessert at Ghirardelli Square.

It’s weird how a trip to “The City” used to be so quick. When I lived in Northern California we would drive to San Francisco for the day and be home by midnight (or a few hours after). It was so fun to stay the night and explore a little more of the city.

Emilee and I had such a good time, I want to get away with her again…like…tomorrow.

Here’s dreaming!

OK. I think my share factor has increased by about 85%, hopefully I will be able to keep up.

We’ll see.


I’ll try my best.

Thanks for hanging in there with this LONG post! I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my little bit of space in the ginormous world wide web. Have a beautiful day!

XOXO, Christie

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