Welcome Marcus!

My sister, Emilee had her baby last week. At 9:30pm on May 14th, little Marcus entered the world. He is super tiny at 4 lbs., 12 oz. but he’s a trooper!


Believe it or not, little Marcus was almost a full-term baby. Emilee went in for her 38 week check-up to find that her baby had shrunk to a 33 week size in one week. Emilee had very little fluid in her uterus and Marcus was breech, so her doctor scheduled a c-section delivery for that very night.

What they discovered had happened: Emilee’s placenta detached from the uterus wall (Placental Abruption). Marcus was not getting any nourishment from Emilee, so he was on a little “womb” diet. He came out small but healthy.


Marcus is still in the hospital, now a week old. Marcus is a strong little guy and is doing very good; he just needs his blood-sugar to stay elevated without IV sugars, gain a little weight, and be eating well so he can go home with his Mom and Dad.


It’s so amazing to watch my little sister become a mother. She is so sweet and tender, so loving (as I always knew she would be) And Marcus, what a doll! I’m so in love with this little guy already.

Thanks for sharing in my good news!

XOXO, Christie