Catching Up Quick with Chatbooks

Hello 2017.

2016 came and went so fast; it’s hard do believe that I didn’t find the time to blog even once last year.

Let’s face it. I didn’t make the time to scrapbook last year.

This year, one of my New Year’s Resolution is to craft more, another is to BLOG more. Much, much more!

When it comes to scrapbooking, I’ve realized just how far behind I’ve become. The thought of starting up with scrapbooking photos again? Honestly? That thought had really started to stress me out. Then a friend told me all about Chatbooks.

Now I’m here to tell YOU all about Chatbooks.

Chatbooks will print photos directly from your Instagram feed, then mail a neat little book straight to your home.

Easy, quick, AND cheap — only $8 for 60 pages.

I thought to myself:

“Yup. If I print my Instagram photos through Chatbooks, at VERY LEAST I will have photos in a memory book.”

I was right! Chatbooks took away all the pressure. Now, knowing that I have photos printed, I can take my time and scrapbook only my very FAVORITE photos. The pressure that I put on myself to scrapbook in chronological order has been lifted as well (which is nice).

Some of the reasons I liked printing through Chatbooks, are:

  1. If you add a location to your photo before you post to Instagram, you have the option to add those tags to your Chatbooks.  Totally cool.

2. The date you posted your photo to Instagram also shows up above your photos inside your Chatbooks. Good stuff.

3. You also have the option to include the captions that you add to your Instagram photos. Instant journaling! Gotta love that.

The quality of the photos is not super-fantastic, but when you’re only paying $8 for a printed an bound 6×6 inch book, I feel like it’s a steal.

I’ve been researching additional ways to catch up quickly with memory keeping. I’ve tried (and adore) Project Life, and have also fallen in love with the Project Life App on my iPhone. Especially now that you can print gorgeous photo books directly from the Project Life App. I have so many ideas to share with you!

I’ve missed you.

Here’s to keeping New Year’s Resolutions.

Happy New Year!


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