For Fans of the “Twilight” series:

Setphenie Meyer’s “Twilight” Series temporarily took over my Summer.  I opened the first book and could not stop until i was finished with her third book.  Simply said, they grabbed a hold of me at absolutely did not let go.  Even though I’m finished I still think about The story of Edward & Bella (and Jacob). 

So a little back story:

When I finished the first book I called my friend Laura and told her that “Twilight” was the best book I have read in a LONG time and that I would be dropping it by her house, that way she could read it too.  Laura finished the book faster than I did AND she went out and bought the next two books.  Yes, she finished all three before I did.  About 4 days before I did (to be exact).  Yep, she’s quite the speed reader…although I did finish all three book within 11 days.  Not bad.  Laura was faster.

Any-who,  back to my point.  The books were FANTASTIC!  I spoke to Laura today and as we were discussing the books, Laura mentioned that on Stephenie Meyer’s Website she has started a “side project”.  Another book for the Twilight Series.  It’s called “Midnight Sun”.  This book is “Twilight” from Edwards point of view instead of Bella’s.  Seriously?  Seriously.  TOO COOL. 

So, if you’re a Twilight Fan, as I am click HERE to read the first chapter in Stephenie Meyers (someday published) book, Midnight Sun.

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