Dear DHL,

Thank you for finding my package and shipping it safely to Graphic 45.  However I will never, ever, ever ship anything through your company again.  I couldn’t even if I wanted to because you no longer ship to or from the County that I live in.

Nice doing business with you Thanks for your help.

I’m glad you found my priceless package full of handmade projects.


To Everyone Else:

YAY!  DSL found the package they lost!  They told me that the shipping label fell off.  Seriously.

I must say, I actually said prayers that they would find it.  My. Prayers. Were. Answered!

Thank you all for your notes of concern.  I can take a deep breath and sigh in relief!  My handmade projects will make it to Graphic 45 after all.

Now, let’s just hope they like the projects!

Sincerely,  Christie

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