Pretty Paper Flowers {Lesson Two}

How to make Accordion-Style Paper Flowers:

1.  Start with a long strip of paper (8 to 12 inches).  I cut this strip about 1-1/2 inches wide with scallop-edged scissors.  And yes, I used the beautiful new Graphic 45  paper again today.

2.  Fold the strip of paper accordion-style from one end to the other.

3.  Gather your edges together and tie twine (or ribbon) in the center.

4.  From the center (where the twine or ribbon is tied), gently fold out the top and bottom edges from the right hand side and glue together.  You should probably use some strong glue and hold it in position for a few seconds until the glue dries a bit.  Repeat this process with the left hand side.

Ta-da!  Your Accordion-Style paper flower is complete!

Mix and match these Accordion-Style flowers with the Circle-Punch Flowers from yesterday for a interesting twist!  Have fun!

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