Pretty Paper Flowers {Lesson One}

How to make Paper flowers using your circle punch:

First of all, I must apologize for my photo quality, I made these flowers late at night, therefore I had poor light for taking photos.

I used the new Graphic 45 paper to make all the flowers pictured.

1. Punch Six Circles from your choice of patterned paper using a circle punch.  In these photos I used a 1-1/4 inch circle punch but you may use smaller or larger if you prefer.

2.  Crumple each circle and then smooth it out again (I like to chalk the edges of each circle with liquid chalk for added character).

3.  Arrange five circles in a flower shape and staple the center to hold them together.

4.  Use glue dots to add a silk flower of your choice to the center of the stapled circles.  Then use glue dots to adhere an additional circle to the center of the silk flower.

5.  Tie ribbon or twine through a button and use glue dots to attach it to the top of the circle. 

Your first paper flower is complete!    I prefer to make several different flowers and bunch them together.  I’ll post another paper flower tutorial tomorrow! 


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