Planting Seeds

If you read my previous post, you know how much fun my family had out at Roads End (aka Barbara’s Property).

When Barb offered to let my family plant a garden next to her’s, we jumped at the opportunity!

Dan and I ran out and bought a bunch of seeds and seedlings. That very weekend we were out at Barbara & Jim’s house planting seeds.

Jim taught Parker how to use the Tiller, Parker had a blast.

Barb helped us set up our rows and then we were off!

Dan had fun using Barb’s little pink trowel.  Aw, so sweet…er, I mean…dig, baby, dig!

I think the kids had more fun riding around with Jim on his four-wheeler than they did planting a garden.  Jim’s so cool, he even let the kids drive!  He’s a little braver than I.

When all was said and done, Izabelle wiped her forehead and said,

“Wow, that was hard work, but it was worth it!”

I think the photo of her (above) planting corn was about the only time she participated.  Whew, she’s right. It was hard work.

Silly girl.

PS – Thanks Baabs!  You’re the best!

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  • It is always nice to have vedgies of your own. Though I don’t have a big garden, I know something about planting vedgetables. When I was a young girl I always have worked for farmers. Now I am living in a city, but deep down inside of me there still is a country girl.

  • Teri says:

    That is so cool to have such a good size garden. And to have it shared by your friend is even better. I have been planting bulbs this weeekend. Veggie garden starts this week. Yay spring!

  • Cheryl says:

    You will have to keep us updated with pictures of the bounty!

  • Awesome pics girl – I am so glad you are getting your garden, how sweet of Barb!! I am sure she will benefit some though, right? *wink* I had such a good time the other night – really looking forward to getting together again! Smooches!


  • Karen says:

    What a great time! Think of how wonderful your first pickings are going to taste! Can’t wait to see your upcoming layout using some of these pics! Have a great week…

  • Barbara says:

    It was so much fun watching you all work, Christie! You put me to shame!

  • Becky says:

    That Barbara – she’s a giver!

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