Creative Friends

My amazing friend Barb, (a very creative woman indeed) made this for me:

And my “so sweet you could eat”, creative friend Cheryl, made this for me:

And yet another brilliantly creative woman, Karen, made this card for me:

I’m such a lucky woman!  It’s good to have creative friends!

I already miss my scrapbooking pals!  I was surrounded by such amazing, creative women on a regular basis. Each woman so unique and beautiful, each one special to me.

My friend, Diana H., summed it up in a comment (about Karen) on THIS post:

“She [Karen] is an artist and a friend who generously shares her gifts with us. Those of us who have been drawn in by virtue of her creativity and attraction have experienced such joy as we have discovered the same in ourselves and in one another.”

Diana, also a wonderfully creative woman, has a way with words.

You said it sister.

These lovely, talented women have blogs, they’re just a click away.  Check them out:

Barbara’s Blog: Road’s End

Cheryl’s Blog: Crafty Hands

Karen’s Blog: Paradise Scrapbook Boutique

Linda’s Blog: Craft Junkie

Thank you to all my lovely scrappin’ pals at PSB!  I am so inspired by all of you.  And thank you for the lovely gifts and cards!

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