Izabelle’s Sick Day

This week has been super crazy. I feel like every time I turn around all my time is scheduled…sometimes even double-scheduled.

Izabelle stayed home from school today…that meant I had to stay home from work. I suddenly found that I had some extra time while Izabelle was resting in her room. No, not time to fold laundry, do dishes, vacuum, walk the dog, or go grocery shopping…none of that boring, time consuming stuff for me. Instead I picked up the box containing my new 7 Gypsies ATC Holder and cracked it open.

I’ve decided that I’m going to do a “Year in Review” for 2007 – while it’s still somewhat fresh in my mind. I finished the first Month. I’ll post the ATC card photos as I complete them.

Click on photo you would like to view. When the picture appears you should be able to hover your mouse over the upper-right hand side of the photo, the word “next” will appear. Click on “next” and it should take you through the remaining photos.

January 2007

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