NO, not snow! It sure looks like it though…my daughter thinks this kind of snow “smells the best”.


I drove on a field trip to Shasta Caverns today with my Son yesterday. WOW! Got to say – it was beautiful! Shasta Lake was gorgeous too! And the hike…a bit…what shall I say….well…let’s just say we climbed up and down more than 850 stairs through the caverns (that’s not including the hike down to the boat, up to the caverns, back down to the boat and then back up to the car)! {I skipped the gym last night.}

While touring the Caverns I learned that there is whole city completely covered under Lake Shasta. Our tour guide said that when the lake water is low the church steeple sticks out of the water…how interesting…creepy…yet a little cool at the same time. It was a really fun trip, my son and I learned a lot!


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