One of my journal entries from 2006…


…I love uninterrupted time…How do I spend it? Well, these precious few hours usually come late at night after my kids are tucked in and generously kissed goodnight. My passion is my family and our memories, naturally this equals scrapbooking.

Family + memories = scrapbooking

I love the late hours, my creative juices start to flow…I’ll come up with layout ideas, organize photos, make homemade cards for my friends and family. I also love the time to think, read the scriptures and listen to the spirit.

I love knowing that my family and our memories will go on for generations…There will never be a doubt that I loved my family and friends!

…let the wee hours and these pages unfold my soul…

I’m not exactly sure when I wrote those words…I just scribbled 2006 at the bottom of my journal. I am sure I’d just finished reading a Rebecca Sower article (she SO inspires me to journal) in a scrapbook magazine or something of that sort.

I still feel the same about the wee hours, although it’s getting harder and harder to stay up late now that I am working full time. Believe me, I’d rather stay up and create than sleep…I just turn into “crazy-coo-coo-lady” when I don’t get enough of those precious Z’s.


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