“Mother Dear, I love you so” – A Mother’s Day Layout

I finished my Mother’s Day Layout for PSB this afternoon…Now you can see what I did with those pretty paper flowers. I’m sure Karen will post this layout on the PSB site sometime in the next couple of days.


It’s now almost 3 in the morning. I swear…I’m out of control. I’ve started organizing my scrapbooking supplies, I feel like my scrapbook area at home has been such a crazy mess.

I was inspired to organize because I’m getting ready to launch my site soon. AND PSB is having a Scrapbook Yard Sale on National Scrapbook Day. It’s a good chance to weed through my stash…although, I’ve been so into sorting that I forgot to go to bed! OK…{yawn} I’m off to catch some Z’s. At least tomorrow is Saturday, maybe my kids will let me sleep in a little this morning (If my sweet husband keeps them at bay). Ah well, I’m sure I’ll catch up one of these days.

Oh, it’s May 5th now (even if it is after 2am). Happy birthday to my Mother-in-law!!!

“Cherish yesterday. Dream tomorrow. Live like crazy today”


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