Pretty Paper Blog – a temporary glitch

OK, so my site was hacked…I’m still in the process of trying to get all the photos up and running again. My Computer God of a husband is trying to make sure it stays up for me. But the “hosting” (which we have no control over) keeps locking us out. I guess the everyone who used their hosting was attacked yesterday. Pretty crazy.

Alas, we’ll do what we can to keep the site up for all of you wonderful people who visit daily…and of course for all of you who want to comment and be entered to win BLOG CANDY!

Through it all I finished a project I finished over the weekend. My “Little Book” will be for sale on Pretty Paper Book in May. Hope you all like it!


I have also been trying to work on some of my sidebar links. I’ve uploaded a bunch of photos to “Out on the Ranch” and a few of my “Older Layouts” if you want to check them out! Have a wonderful day!

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