Things that I LOVE (in no particular order)…


Dan’s “teacher” mode, clean laundry, musicals, helping my Dad, milk chocolate, home-made ice cream, scrapbooking, walks at dusk, family BBQ’s at my parent’s ranch, phone calls to my mom, Vanessa’s paintings, Jane Austin, EVERYTHING about my Grandma Crabtree, going to the movies at the theater, all things green, scented candles, Seth’s hugs, playing with Marley, the way Adam loves his wife, the friend I have in my Mother, a full tank of gas, Grandpa Crabtree’s whistling, hot chocolate, Courtney’s testimony – her visiting teaching saved my life, Love on a Plate by Sandra Sage, Parker’s teachers, a cozy blanket during a rainstorm, 7Gypsies, camping, PJ’s, serving others, Parker and Izabelle’s laughter, playing the piano, reading to my children, caramel apples, Dan teaching me to play guitar, collecting paper, creating, “girl talk” with Emilee, the feeling right after I’ve worked out at the gym, air conditioning, the smell right after it rains, helping Emilee take care the her horses, Graphic 45, the way Carrie makes me laugh, my camera, Teresa Collins Paper, when my children hug each other, puppies, the smell of Grandma Clara’s face cream, how Dan tells me I’m beautiful EVERY DAY, losing weight, belly laughing with Keith, being “Daddy’s little girl” even when I’m not so little anymore, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Mom’s cooking, Lunch at Italian Cottage and a movie with Laura, the ocean, sunsets, when Dan does the dishes, wide open spaces, freshly cut flowers, teeth-whitening strips, learning something new, reading the scriptures, visiting with a friend, a view of the mountains, the Grand Canyon, teaching at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, email from friends and family, naps, Church on Sunday, making homemade cards, Rebbecca Sower’s blog, baking soft sugar cookies with butter-cream frosting, my patriarchal blessing, traveling, eskimo kisses, the discovery channel, long soft curls, natural water falls, road trips, the power of prayer, the way my children smell, blogging, cart-wheels, Hawaii, Kayla Rose’s kisses, porch swings, Bidwell Park, a new CD, REAL mashed potatoes with gravy, tropical fish, the feeling of my toes in the sand, Jenni Bowlin, new shoes, Mom’s potato salad, Dan’s kisses, the pioneer woman’s website, Dan’s hobbit feet, the freckle on Parker’s ear, Izabelle’s heart-shaped birthmark above her nose, violets, lavender fields, California Stampin’, traveling through Europe, giving and receiving back massages, hot tubs, a good-fitting bra, playground swings and slides with my kids, buttery popcorn, roller-coasters, DisneyLand, ALL of my family, a good book (especially Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter), letters in the mail, nail polish, horses, downloading music from i-tunes, swimming, when Izabelle plays the piano, when Parker sings, my kitty cats, when I’m in the car by myself and a song I love comes on – then I get to sing it at the TOP of my LUNGS and nobody is the wiser, letters and phone calls from my cousins, sister-in-laws (the more the merrier), my husband’s poetry, butterfly kisses…(sigh)

Please leave me a comment, I would be honored to read about what YOU love…

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