The Beauty of Motherhood…

…every day emergencies happen.  All the mother’s out there know that when you have children (especially small children) every day there is some kind of emergency.  Whether it’s a hang nail, a fall off a chair, a sliver in a toe or a bonk on the head.  It’s all treated the same…Kisses and band-aids.  I remember when my daughter needed a band aid even when there was no blood in site.  Ah, motherhood. 

Today was no different, it was my son’s turn to steal the show.  It all started last night while peeling potatoes, my boy was being so helpful and sweet…suddenly there was blood and tears.  Instead of peeling the skin off the potato he peeled the skin off his thumb.  Poor kid. 

After applying firm pressure for a couple hours the cute kid was brave enough to let me try to get a band aid on his thumb.  We went through quite a few band aids before the bleeding stopped.  Now it was time for bed and of course I slept next to him (because I’m mom and that’s what mom’s do). 

This morning, after he took a shower I was going to attempt to put a fresh bandaid on his finger.  But  then I thought better of it.  My husband said we should probably wait until tonight or tomorrow morning.  I agreed and sent my son off to school.  Well, the school nurse thought different, took off the bandaid and we were back to square one with the non-stop bleeding…

…Off to the emergency room we went. When we it was finally my son’s turn to be treated, they basically did the same thing we did at home except they gave him a Tetanus shot and had a special “foam” to help stop the bleeding.  Emergency over.  And another one of my “days off” gone, gone, gone…

Even though it was my day off, I told both my kids that I was so excited to spend my day off with them (my daughter happened to stay home from school today with a fever).  I also mentioned it was sad that they had to be either sick or injured to get some extra time together…at least they know I care, right?  And Summer is right around the corner…they’ll soon be sick of me.

Off to adjust a Darth Vader Helmet for the injured kid.

Have a nice day! 

Oh, the top photo is a hand-stitched flower I made from Graphic 45 paper.  I was thinking of selling hand-made paper flowers…a good idea?


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