How much Mojo do I have?

LIfe has a funny way of making me laugh…

I have to share this story because it’s just so adorable!

After picking up my husband from work today my male offspring asked if he had mojo.

Husband:  You have a little.

Male offspring:  Really?  What is  Mojo dad?

Husband: (laughing to himself) Let see…in your case it’s personality, keeping your cool….

Female offspring chimes in:  Do I have Mojo Daddy?

Husband:  Yes, I suppose you do.

Female offspring:  How much Mojo do I have?

Husband:  I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to get a Mojo Meter…

Female offspring:  How do you measure your Mojo daddy?  Do you put it under your tongue.

Husband:  Absolutely not

Male offspring:  Are Mojo Meters real Dad.

Husband:  No, they’re not real

Female offspring: (obviously not paying attention at this point)  Where can we get a Mojo Meter Daddy?



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