A Handmade Card…

I wish that I had time to make handmade cards for all my friends…

To me, nothing says “I care” like receiving a card in the mail…Don’t get me wrong, I love to get emails from friends too.  There’s just something about a card in the mail.  When you open up the mailbox and there is a card or letter addressed to you.  Handwritten with love…and then even better; when someone sends a handmade  card…wow! 

I love to make cards…I should probably make  time to create more of them.  Along with the time I’ll make  for everything elseI want to do. For instance…I want to make time to learn Spanish, or travel to Egypt, or make the perfect pie crust…Darn, instead I have  to make time for folding the HUGE pile of laundry sitting on my bed…Time to call in the troops…”Honey, can you come here for a minute….?

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