Foothills in flames?

Yesterday at about 11 am a fire started about 5 miles away from my house. It’s really dry around here right now and the winds have been insane…up to 50 miles an hour and beyond! Lucky for me and my family, the fire started to travel the opposite direction from where I live. But my heart still goes out for all those people that live in the path of the inferno!

I took this photo from the park down the street from my home at about 4 pm yesterday.

And then I drove down the street and took this shot (notice how dry everything is):

The fire is STILL burning today and moving towards Paradise (where my beloved Paradise Scrapbook Boutique is located). I have friends that live in the area of the fire…I’m so worried about them!

While I was putting the horses back in their stalls this afternoon I took this photo at about 2:30 pm (and yes, that is a huge pile of manure in the lower left hand corner):

Crazy! I heard there is a huge fire a couple towns north of town too (about 20-30 miles away).

Makes me think…what would I grab from my house in a fire if I only had time for a few things???

Considering that my children and animals are out safe…I’d probably go right for the photos! What would you grab? I’d love to know!

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