Teaching Today!

I’m teaching the “Love my Pooch” layout today at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique.  It’s weird, this is the first class in awhile that I’m not feelin’.  Usually I really like the way my pages turn out…I think this time I just wasn’t in the groove.  It’s alright, they can’t all be masterpieces, right?

Yesterday was CRAZY!  I had planned to spend the whole day working on craft projects.  Turns out I did nill, nada, nothin…nope, didn’t do ONE darn thing I planned on.  I ended up cleaning and running around town doing what felt like  a MILLION errands….ah, such is life.  I have to admit, even though I didn’t do what I planned  for the day, it was still a great day!  

Today I’m hoping to get “yesterday’s projects” done after I teach…we’ll see if I can actually empliment  a plan today!  Wish me luck!

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