Deep thoughts…OK, not so deep.

“Nice how we never get dizzy from doing good turns.”
–George Bengis

I received the above quote in my email a few days back. I’ve had a little time to ponder it. Sometimes I get so busy I do feel a little dizzy. It always seems that when I am on the right path I don’t feel overwhelmed, when this happens, I actually feel good about the state of “busy-ness” that I am in and do not feel dizzy.

Everyone has their rough days and I am one person that is not excluded from this. But I must say that I am truly grateful for every single day. I am grateful for that which keeps me busy. I am grateful for family and friends (that means you too, my fellow bloggers). I am grateful for projects and inspiration, for time to read and ponder.

I love the Bengis quote above. It speaks to me.

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