Goodbye Friends…

My Dad is finally packing up his horses and high-tailing it to Idaho….

Well, they moved there months ago…they still have they’re house here in California but now they’re in Idaho more than California…what with the new business and all…

And the new building to fill full of beautiful light fixtures…


What did you say?  I can’t quite hear you.

Did you say we’re moving to Idaho?  Where is that?

Don’t worry.  It’s beautiful and smoke free in Idaho and the winter’s are splendid (eh hem).


My dad asked me to come over and help wash the horses and the dogs.  And get the tack all packed up and ready to go. 

Who could say no to such a sweet cowboy?

Not me.

And the horses…they really did need a little bathing…

(Wow…you can still see the California Wild Fire smoke in these pictures.)


I will miss you my friends!

Yes, even you sweet Sky.

This is the baby in the photo with my Dad above….she’s HUGE now!

And I’ll miss sweet Bella and Maisy pooches too!

And as for Coach Marley (my pooch)…

I’ll know he’ll be missing his girlfriends. 

….and the dog pond.

Good times.

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