Hello Sunshine!

Finally!  Ladies and Gentlemen, our ONE and ONLY Sunflower has bloomed! 

My sweet children planted at least 24 sprouts in the backyard.  We ended up with one, uno!  One solo little (getting bigger) sunflower.  But. Let. Me. Tell. You.  My kids are so excited about this ONE sunflower!  It’s amazing the sense of accomplishment they feel.  This beautiful flower started from a lowly seed.  A seed that they planted. They watched it grow and they are amazed.

Now for my Sunflower:

Izabelle is my flower!  I love her hair.  I know.  It’s probably ridiculous to take a photo of a simple braid but it is beautiful to me.  The fact that she let  me braid her hair is even more beautiful. 

Have a SUNNY day!



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