Dear Parker,

You cried today because Marley ruined your watermelon plant.  You cried because you had to say goodbye to it.  You cried like you did when we had to take the snails back to Grandma’s house because Dad thought that they should be in their original environment. 
You don’t like goodbyes.  You have a connection to life that is so unique and beautiful.  Your thoughtfulness and insight astounds me.  I long to see things the way you do, through your eyes.  You are so special to me, dear to my heart the way no other is.  You are my boy and I love you like crazy. 
I know that sometimes I get frustrated when you get so emotional; like I did when Mr. Ted E. Bones lost a few ribs and his femur.  You cried and asked if you could at least keep his skull to remember him by.  Of course you can, don’t you see that you’ve melted my heart?  You’ve turned me into goo?  Even though I’ve promised you a new Mr. Ted E. Bones you still love your old one.  You still feel connected to him, to everything around you.
It’s not just the watermelon plant and the snail or even Mr. Ted E. Bones, you have a connection to LIFE.  You remind me on a daily basis to love life, just by being you.
Thank you for being you son.  I love you.
Love, Mom 

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