Longtime Friends (Fx4)

Laura and I have been friends for many, many, many years….Since first grade to be exact!  We wore the same dress for first grade photos, we were Girl Scouts together, played with Barbies, Liked New Kids on the Block” and made up dance routines to their songs.  We struggled through Jr. High, High School, Boyfriends and schoolwork, side by side.  We’ve laughed, sang, danced, roller-skated, cried, cooked and played together.  Laura and I traveled through Europe together, and were there for each others weddings and for the births of our children.  Laura is more than a friend, she is my soul-sister.

Laura is the mother of two beautiful daughters who look just like her.

Laura is a true, dear friend, an incredible mother and teacher, is amazingly organized and has a beautiful heart!  I love Laura.

Keith and I (not the greatest photo) have been friends since 7th grade.  We would pass notes back and forth.  We actually had a little Jr. High romance for about a second then decided we were better as friends.  Keith and I have never stopped being there for each other.

Keith treats me like a sister…this means he is constantly trying to gross me out or get me to watch scary movies so he can watch me squirm.  He convinces me to take silly videos of myself (or him) with the video camera, we play them back and laugh until it’s painful.

Keith is an amazingly talented musician and Keith was the person who introduced me to my husband (they were in a band together).  My kids call him “Uncle Keith” (my daughter wants to be a rocker like him) and my dog, Mr. Marley is completely in love with him and will not leave him alone for a second.  I love Keith.

Carrie and I met after High School, through a mutual friend.  Carrie was at the hospital the day my son was born and there to help out when my daughter came along (premature) three and a half years later.

Carrie helped me through the toughest years of my life.  She was there for me when I found out my son, Parker had Autism.  Carrie had a cousin with Autism (about 10 years older than Parker) and had a lot of experience not only managing the behavior of a child with Autism but children in general.  Carrie was at my house every day (before she met her husband) and she was ALWAYS welcome.  At that time Carrie did not have any children of her own but through her example, she taught me how to be a better mother.

Both of my children were in her wedding (ring bearer and flower girl).  She has always made my children feel very special.  Carrie talks to them like she’s their mother and my kids listen to her like she is.  I have watched Carrie become a mother to two beautiful boys of her own.

Carrie is the friend that I call to confess when I’ve eaten an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s or when I’m feeling like an awful mother…Carrie helps me keep things in perspective.  Carrie is beautiful, totally hilarious and just plain wonderful.  I love Carrie.

Then there’s this guy.  This amazing, talented, wonderful, sexy, awesome guy.  He’s the father of my children, he’s the keeper of my heart, he’s the reason I wake up and smile.  He is my very best friend.  My rock.  He is my husband, Dan.

I am so blessed to have Dan in my life.  I not only love this man, I want to be near him all the time.  Not only does he shower me with compliments every. Single. Day.  He writes me poetry and plays me love songs on the guitar.  He is completely mellow and puts up with all of my high-strung crapola.  I love Dan

Today is Friday!  Candid Carrie’s Friday Foto Finish Fiesta (Fx4)!  Check out what her and other’s have submitted HERE!

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