It’s Getting Spooky Around Here

Parker and Izabelle have been more than enthusiastic about decorating the house for Halloween.  The spookier the better…

Do you see that scary black tree?  I’m going to make some fun Halloween ornaments to hang from it.

Izabelle hung this guy (literally).

I filled my apothecary jars with Halloween candy & black licorice.

This skull is actually a candle holder and the boney hand is a Halloween Goblet.

These potion bottles belong to my daughter.  She has 10 of them, she also took the following photo:

My Mom bought the kids grow creatures and sent them in the mail.  They look creepy inside a big apothecary jar!  Last year we put a grow skull in this one…it grew to the size of the jar.  Now that was creepy.

Here’s the little Vintage Witch’s Shoe I bought the other day.  I’m in love with this little shoe, I’m sure it will show up in more photos!

This is the tail end of a Halloween Garland {Shout out to Deb: Love your designs!} . Can you see the skeleton hands that Parker placed on top of the squash?  Yes, we play a lot of “I Spy” at our house.

Oh, and there are flying bats handing from the chandelier.  Fun stuff, I tell ya.

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