Izabelle Turns 8!

My little Izabelle…Eight years old today!  Man, that makes me feel old (I know, I know, this post is not supposed to be about me).  To think this little cutie started out a mere 2 pounds, 6 ounces – Crazy!

I have mentioned that Izabelle is having a ‘Halloween’ themed birthday party.  Hence the creepy spider crawling on her presents (she said it was “cute”).

In this next photo Izabelle is ripping open her ‘one gift before school’ while her Birthday Pancakes lay abandoned and soggy.  By the look she gave me this morning, I have been judged a ‘mean mom’ because I am making her wait until after school to open her remaining presents.  I am mean.  Oh so mean.  Can you believe she has to wait until after school?  What kind of mother am I?

Here’s a little Birthday Banner I made for Izabelle.  It is not my design, I actually bought it as a kit from Candice Carpenter at Peacoats and Party Hats.  It’s so cute!  Candice Carpenter’s blog is totally worth a glance if you’re up to it!  Just click the “Canice Carpenter” link above.

I’m off to go deliver treats to Izabelle’s class!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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