The Secret is in the Sauce BLOGATHON!

Do you want to know the secret???

I know you do…

The Secret is in the Sauce Blog (SITS) was started by two amazing women Heather and Tiffany.  Both of these amazing women have blogs of their own…they came up with SITS as a way to bring women (and some brave men) together by reading and commenting on each others blogs.  Who doesn’t love a comment?

There are so many wonderful blogs out there and SITS has found a way of perfecting blog recognition!

After spending time writing (and sometimes resizing and uploading photos to) a blog post, I (among other women I have met through blogging) LOVE a good comment or two.  But it’s not just about the comments, I’ve made some AMAZING friends through SITS.  I have found funny blogs, serious blogs, crafting blogs, cooking blogs…blogs of all shapes and sizes and each blog with something special and unique to share.

SITS has not only changed the way people find and comment on my blog but they have provided a way for me to connect with women all over the country…and sometimes the world!

There are a lot of blogs that I have found through SITS, several that I just have to check on a regular basis (among them are Tiffany and Heather).  I would love to link all of the fabulous blogs that I visit but I am afraid that would take several hours.  I’m not just a blogger, I’m also a mother (I spend enough time staring at the computer as it is)…so I’ll leave you with just a few…hundred.  Just kiddin’.

Candid Carrie

Let Me Think On It

Where Are My Angels

A Little Loveliness

Mama’s Losin’ It

Ravings of a Mad Housewife

Insane Mama

TODAY is SITS big BLOGATHON!  They’re giving away prizes EVERY HOUR!!!

There is a new blog featured every day on SITS, I had my AMAZING day to be featured HERE.  The next blog feature could be yours…find out how by clicking on the picture below.

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