First of all, I have to say: THANK YOU to all who participated in this contest!  Your comments were so super-sweet and I appreciate you taking the time to look at my ETSY shop!

I made it simple on myself this time.  There were 28 comments, so I had my hubby pick a number between 1 and 28.  He picked #3.  My husband also said that the poem by Carolyn From Texas deserved to win.  He’s right.  Because this is my blog, I’ve decided to award them both!

Congratulations to #3 Emily Thitphaneth and also to Carolyn from Texas!

Emily won her choice, the Sparkle Star Ornament and Carolyn won her choice, the Red & White Jornal!

Emily & Carolyn, please email me with your home address and I’ll ship off your prizes right away!

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