We Were The 80’s!

Gayla is having a “We Were the 80’s” day over at her blog “Where’s My Angels”.

I’m simply playing along…

In no particular order, when I think of the 80’s I think of:

But mostly, when I think of the 80’s, I think of BIG HAIR and BRACES!

My friend Laura and I…shameful but true.  It looks like I’m wearing drapes or wall paper. I think I had a bed spread with the same floral print.

And my all time favorite….I can’t believe I’m actually posting this photo…

To my credit, it was the fourth of July and I was trying to add “blue” to my red with the hideous bandanna.  But pay close attention to the bangle bracelets and very high bangs.  Sheesh.  I was totally the 80’s!  The only thing I had going for me in the 80’s was my naturally curly hair.  I never had to get a perm.

Now I’m truly embarrassed.

Hope you enjoyed the laugh!

Love, Christie

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