Blessed With Grandparents {Fx4}

I love to look at photos of my Grandma and Grandpa Crabtree.  Everything having to do with my Grandma and Grandpa Crabtree makes me happy.  I think it’s because they, themselves are such amazingly happy people.

For as long as I can remember my Grandpa Crabtree can always be found whistling a happy tune.  He consistently wears (and continues to wear) a smile on his face.

My entire life my Grandfather has made me feel welcomed and loved.  Grandpa has always been genuinely interested in my life and how I’m doing.  He has also had good, sound advice which has seen me through hard times.

My Grandfather is extremely intelligent, generous, kind, humble, always happy to open his home for visitors and has loved me unconditionally.  My Grandpa is the most Christ-like man I know.  Many of the blessings in my life have come from simply being his granddaughter.

I love my Grandfather.

My Grandmother, a wonderful, giving, talented, and simply amazing woman, has become, over the years, not only someone that I admire and look up to…she has also become a dear friend.

I like to say that I have inherited her passion for preserving family history.  Growing up, she never missed an opportunity to take a picture.  My life, among those of her children, other grandchildren and great grandchildren has been well documented in photographs, letters, journaling, etc…

Grandma is also an incredible cook.  As a young child, teenager and adult while visiting her home, the cookie jar was never empty. There were so many wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that would not be the same without her special touch.

I always have (and still do to this day) receive the Royal Treatment when ever I come to visit.

Then, there are the letters she writes.  The time she takes to let others know that she cares and is thinking of them.  My Grandmother is amazing…the way she keeps in touch, the kindness and friendship she has shown to countless family members and friends  is amazing to behold.  My whole adult life (from the moment I moved out of my parents home) my Grandmother has sent me at least one letter every single month.  She has not missed one.  It very easy to feel loved by her.  I just hope she knows I feel the same way about her.

I aspire to be like my Grandmother.  I hope to someday be worthy of the name “Grandmother” – she has set a pretty high standard.

I love my Grandmother.

My Grandparents make quite a pair.  They both spread joy where ever they go.  Together they create miracles.  My life has been so blessed by their wonderful examples, their happy spirits and their love.

Love, Christie


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