Fall Notebooks Using Paper Scraps

After cutting kits for my upcoming Blessed Class, I had quite a bit of left over paper and & leaves (thanks for the leftovers Karen).  The paper was mostly 4 inches across or less, so I decided to make some little mini notebooks.

To make these little books come together I used things I had lying around.  I buy white cardstock by the ream so I had plenty to cut into pages for the inside of the notebook.  I used Chipboard for the back and front covers (these I covered with the leftover paper).  Then I used my  Bind-it-All to “bind it all” (haha) together.  After the notebook was bound I added the leaves and embellishments.  Simple, right?

If you don’t have a Bind-it-all, this project would be just as easy using a punch and individual rings.

With the Holidays coming up this would be a fun gift for a good friend, a happy hostess or sweet family member.


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