When It’s Quiet…

It’s late at night.  All is dark.  The house is quiet.  The only sounds are my fingers across the keyboard and my husband’s gentle breathing on the bed next to me.

A candle burns on my desk.  Warmth fills my heart.  I am so thankful for the peace I feel…my children tucked safely in their beds, a roof safe over my head, warm blankets wrapped around me and my husband, tender and sweet lying next to me.

Late at night, when everything slows down and comes to a halt, and the world seems silenced after a busy day; it’s my time to whisper my prayer of gratitude for all that I have, all the blessings in this life that have been graciously bestowed upon me.

So often when the hours are busy and seem to go by faster, I feel the stress of my day to day tasks. I start to feel that my share of the family’s load is difficult to bear.

At night when the house is quite, time seems to stand still. It is in this place that I reflect on my day. In the quite I am reminded of just how blessed I am.  I am happy to spend another day doing busy work, driving to and fro, cooking, cleaning, working, and playing…I am thankful for all of it.   I am also thankful for my trials for they have made me stronger.

I have had my fair share of trials and I feel blessed to be at a place in my life without many hardships.  Not that I am waiting for the hammer to fall, quite the opposite, I am overjoyed to be living the life I am.

When asked by a dear friend how I was doing.  I replied, “Wonderful, actually!”

My sweet friend then said, “Well, someone has to feel good enough to bake a cake for the friend in need.”

So true.  There is always someone in everyone’s life, a friend who is in need of a loving gesture. Maybe there  is a reason for this: while some are going through trials, others are there with a lesser load to bear, so that they may help carry their friend’s burden.

I have experienced both sides.  I have had trials in my life that seemed unbearable and then reaped the blessing of friends and family all who have been willing to help during those trials.  On the other hand, my burden has also been light and I have been able and willing to lend a helping hand to others in need of it.  It’s amazing the feeling I get from helping others.  It’s a happiness that there are no words for. I truly love to feel helpful.

For now, I am enjoying the lighter load and am so grateful for the opportunity to help others.

Tonight, in the quiet of my home, safe and sound; lying down in my comfortable bed. I feel grateful.

I feel very, very grateful.

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