It’s Becoming a Tradition

This is the second year in a row that my kids have made Chipboard Gingerbread Houses. It’s no secret that I have a thing for scrapbooking.  My children can often be found with their little fingers in my supplies.  This is one of the rare occasions they actually had permission.

My husband and I have a good behavior reward system for our children.  The Marble Jar.  It’s been done before…OK, I stole the idea from my daughter’s third grade teacher but it works!  My kids love the Marble Jar.  The kids choose something fun to do (in this case it was the Gingerbread Houses) and then work together to fill up the jar.  It usually takes a week of doing things like, remembering to put their dishes in the sink after a meal, keeping their rooms clean, being polite, respectful and helpful. You know, the good stuff.

Last year, Parker and Izabelle had so much fun creating their Gingerbread houses that it was an obvious choice for a Marble Jar Treat.

This year we just plain had a blast.  The Gingerbread houses have officially become a tradition.

Here’s a look at Parker’s House:

Here’s Izabelle’s House:

Parker and Izabelle are neighbors:

So sweet.  I’m liking this tradition.

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