Thank You My Kind Vintage-Loving Friends!

My son, Parker loves all things vintage.  Yes, it’s quite odd for an 11 year old boy to love antique shopping but he does.

For those of you that don’t know, Parker has Autism and can get a tad bit (OK, big bit) obsessive about things.

Parker’s obsession for all things vintage began while visiting Paradise Scrapbook Boutique with me.  The owner (and personal friend), Karen collects Vintage Cameras and Typewriters (among other things).  Karen has these items creatively displayed around her store and Parker can barely contain his delight every time he visits.  Poor Karen is bombarded by Parker’s pleas to let him have a camera (or a typewriter) every single time he arrives – even when I ask him not to before we enter the store.

Parker and I have had many fruitless searches for vintage typewriters while scavenging our local Antique Mall.  Parker finally spotted one in disrepair for $55 but decided against it at the time because “most of the keys were stuck”.

Right after Christmas, Parker and I traveled up the hill to Paradise Scrapbook Boutique.  Once again, Parker asked begged Karen to let him have one of her Vintage Cameras (to my utter embarrassment of course).  This time she told Parker that if he took extra good care of it, he could borrow her camera until he found one of his own.  Well, as you can imagine, Parker was more than excited!  I agreed to let Parker borrow the camera for a few days.

I brought the camera back on New Years Day and Karen decided to let Parker borrow her Vintage Typewriter (which I returned yesterday at a crop).

My friend Elisa arrived yesterday afternoon to give me a lift to said crop.  When I was packing my things into Elisa’s car, she noticed the beautiful black case I was holding.  I explained that it held Karen’s Vintage Type Writer that she had graciously let Parker borrow.

Elisa’s eyes lit up as she told me that she had decided to give Parker her late husband Bo’s Vintage Typewriter. I was dumbfounded and of course protested but she wouldn’t have it.

OK, let me just say what AMAZING friends I have!  I am so blessed to have these woman in my life.

Elisa immediately drove to her storage unit and grabbed Bo’s typewriter for Parker.  We drove back to my home and she had come up with a plan to tell him that Santa had delivered the typewriter to the wrong house.  Super sweet.

Parker. Was. Ecstatic!  He is over-joyed to have a Vintage Typewriter of his own.

And I am overjoyed to blessed with such amazing friends who are willing to entrust my son with such sentimental (not to mention valuable) items.

Thank you both, I love you.

Alas, I do have photos, here is Elisa presenting Parker with his very own Vintage Typewriter:

He couldn’t be happier!


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