Thank You!

Thank you for your recent comments!

I came home today to find out (because of your comments) that Teresa Collins posted about the I LOVE YOU book that I created using her CRUSH paper!

I’m beyond excited because not only do I love her products but I am a huge fan!  Not to mention, one of my blog readers randomly submitted my work to her.  Thank you, whomever you are!

Teresa Collins is the very first scrapbooking blog that I followed before (and after) I started my own blog.  I feel honored that she posted my work!  Be sure to stop by her blog and check out her projects.  You can see her product here.

And another special thank you to Karen at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique for providing all the very best Paper and Product!  I feel a creative rush whenever I walk through the doors of your store!  I did purchase the Teresa Collins product and create the book while cropping at Karen’s store!

Thanks to all of you for providing inspiration on your own blogs.  I hope I can return the favor!

Check back for my GIVEAWAY…only a few hours away!


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