Tid Bits

A little about our recent happenings…

Izabelle made this lovely piñata cake for the “Fiesta Fun” themed end of year school Carnival Cake Contest. Belle didn’t win first prize but she sure had fun making it.  Those are strips of Fruit By The Foot (fruit roll ups) cut up to look like paper mache.

The school gave the cakes away at the Carinval Cake Walk.  Izabelle’s piñata cake was a hit!

As per request (eh hem, Cheryl), a few photos of Chester the kitten.

Chester was sleeping…the purrrfect moment to get a photo of his cute little paws (these are the back two).

This is Chester, passed out.  Izabelle was trying to wake him up.  I didn’t work.

An update on our garden (photo taken by Parker).   We’re weeding near the corn (thanks for the help Babs).  We have all sorts of fun veggies coming in!  So exciting!

Here’s the prize that Barbara found near her compost pile:

Turkey eggs!

I have some cards and projects to share soon.  I also have a “300th Post” prize coming up.  I think this is post 291?  Not sure.  Anyway…it’s getting close.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I promise I’ll be visiting all your blogs and catching up on what you’ve been up to.

xoxo, Christie

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