My Creative Space

I’ve been absent for a little while.  I drove to California to pack up the rest of our things and most importantly, make it to my niece, Kayla’s 3rd birthday party (but that’s another post).

Excluding my trip back to California, I’ve been in Idaho for a total of 8 days.  You could say I was a little anxious to get my craft room going because it was the first room I unpacked (besides the kitchen).

I have been dreaming about little ways to spruce up my craft room (upcoming projects galore!) but for now I just want to start creating again.

I’ll share some photos of what I’ve set up so far.  My craft room is not quite up to par but it’s a work in progress and I’m happy with the light from the big picture windows and the space to spread projects out.

Wow, amazing how much just sharing photos makes me want to get down to business.

I need my scrapbooking fix and soon!

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