And The Days Just Keep Flying By…

Wow.  I turned around and it’s Wednesday night. Almost Thursday. Awesome.

Was it just Monday morning a couple hours ago?

Whew!  What a busy week!

Here’s something fun I created with the Graphic 45 Le Romantique Line:

A little wedding card.

I blanket stitched around the edges of the paper.

I love blanket stitches.

I love sparkle.

I love pearls.

I love lamp.

I know that last one might have been over your head but I like to quote movies now and again.

Here’s a view of the bottom right corner:

And what is a bottom right corner photo without a bottom left corner photo?

I’m not sure either…but here is the bottom left photo anyway:

Here is the little envelope I made for the Best Wishes Card:


Or not.

I’m feeling kind of punchy…haven’t slept much in that past few days.

Fancy-schmancy?  What was that?

Must be the 70 invitations that I made for a church dinner…or the 70 favors I made for the church dinner?  Maybe it was the poster the the Chamber of Commerce dinner/auction tomorrow night?  Nah, maybe it was the recipe box I made for a sweet Etsy customer?

Or maybe

It’s the fact that I did all of the above while desperately trying to keep my house clean so we can show it to potential buyers…In addition to doing laundry, going to work, meal planning, homework helping and feeding my family?

Or maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t made it to the gym in a week and could really use the calorie burn and extra energy about now.

Whatever the reason.  Sorry for the erratic behav…

…er, I mean….yes.  Or no. I mean…I’m with crazy?


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