Some of My Favorite Reads…

Hello Happy People!

While I’m waiting for some sunshine to appear (I need light for good photos), I thought it would be fun share just a few of my favorite places to visit while browsing the blogsphere.

First, you must visit Mamma Talk

It doesn’t matter if you have children or not, Michele’s “Mamma Talk” blog is so fun to read.  She is so clever and such a good writer.  I aspire to be as witty as her.

Then, stop by Chanteuse Chérie

Ah Patrice, I love everything about her blog.  Patrice took a long hiatus from blogging but she’s back now and has renamed her blog Chanteuse Chérie the Reawakening.  Patrice has an eye for everything beautiful.

And Last for today, visit Rebecca Sower

I’ve been visiting Rebecca’s blog since I first discovered “blogs”.  I’m a HUGE fan of Rebecca’s and have been for ages (way before bloggy land). Rebecca Sower has always inspired me, she makes the most beautiful creations.

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