Leftovers {Cards}…

Lately I’ve found that I have a lot of leftover paper from projects.  I’ve challenged myself to put this ‘leftover’ paper to good use by making cards.

Now, before you get too excited (I know, I know – handmade cards are exciting) please understand that I am in no way and expert card maker.  To be completely honest, I’m a bit of an ammiture.

Keep in mind that my cards are very simple.

I made this one with some leftover Graphic 45, On The Boardwalk paper:

And this little cutie was made with my leftover Cosmo Cricket, Material Girl paper:

This simple card was made with leftover Little Yellow Bicycle, Clothesline paper:

And finally, this uber-simple card was made using leftover Graphic 45, Times Nouveau paper:

There you have it.  A few simple cards.

Now…Inquiring minds want to know:

Do you prefer to receive a hand-made card or a Hallmark card? What about no card but a handwritten letter?

Remember those old Hallmark commercials?  They always made me cry.

Personally, I think it’s the thought that counts.  If I get a card or letter of any kind I think it’s fabulous!

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  • Jing-Jing says:

    Your cards are totally lovely!! Hard to believe that they are considered “leftover cards” but I know what you mean 😉
    I of course prefer receiving hand-made cards, but I get what I give, which is NOTHING, LOL.

  • Sue says:

    handmade cards for me – I give and receive them nothing better IMHO

    I love your cards simple – mmmm not so sure they are

    very stylish oh yeah xxxx

  • Courtney says:

    I love them all! Wow Christie! You have done it again! You should put these one Etsy! They are so cute and way better then a purchased card! I have tried my hand at cards but yours are so much better! I love them. Cards are perfect to have on hand for when you need them! Way to go!

  • You think these are simple??? I think they are detailed and fabulous, Christie!!!!! I love them all! I agree . . . it’s the thought that counts, but my preference would always be a handmade card over a Hallmark one.

  • LOVE using left overs…. its so satisfying!! 🙂 the cards you made are amazing!! 🙂 super pretty and the receiver will love the card! wow
    with a grin,

  • I love your leftovers cards! I prefer to send handmade cards, but I love to watch cards in the shop. I love to read the quotes on them. To receive a card, it doesn’t matter if it is handmade or not, it’s the thought that counts 🙂

  • Patrice says:

    I personally feel that sweet, simple and elegant is always the way to go. You’re amazing, Christie.

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