Fancy Pants Acrylic Frame (Edited to Add)

Honeysuckle Periwinkle (or Vinca) has to be one of the most fun flowers for children.

It was for me.

And it is for my children.

***My sweet sister, Vanessa brought to my attention that these flowers are not honeysuckle, they’re Vinca.  Oops.

They grew in my Grandma Wolfe’s front yard, around her cherry tree, my cousins told me they were called Honeysuckle, I believed them…and have been calling them honeysuckle every since.

A little link about Periwinkle (Vinca): HERE

While we were in California couple weeks ago, I took some photos of my kids walking through Bidwell Park.  The honeysuckle Vinca was in bloom everywhere and it quickly became the center of attention in my photographs.

I loved how the photos turned out, and wanted to showcase them in a different way…

This is where the Fancy Pants frame comes into play:

I purchased this Fancy Pants frame at Paradise Scrapbook Boutique, during last year’s National Scrapbook Day Crop.  I know, I know, it took me a full year to actually play with it.

What came as a surprise to me was that the background is acrylic.  I simply bought it for the shadowbox factor.  Can you believe that this frame sat in my craft room for a year, boldly stating that it was acrylic and I never noticed?  Yes, I’m a little daft don’t you think?

When I brought out my honeysuckle Vinca photos to play with, I finally felt inspired to use my Fancy Pants frame.

Here’s what I came up with:

I didn’t use any paper….just some Making Memories Vintage Finding’s embellishments, some Prima flowers and a few other misc. embellishments.  The whole thing came together in about an hour.  And I love the acrylic background.

Here’s a look at a few details:

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