2008 Oldies But Goodies {Part 1}

I was browsing through old photos

and came across some 2008 Scrapbooking Projects.

Although I’ve blogged about these projects in the past,

I thought it would be fun to do a week of re-runs.

A blast from the past, if you will.

Back when I didn’t have a good camera.

And when I was shy about blogging (not much has changed).

I know it may be repetitive for some of you who have hung out here for awhile (Sorry Mom)…

But this is my blog and that’s just how I roll.

Not really.

OK really.

I think?

I hope this week of re-runs isn’t too boring for you all…

I’m not even sure which line of paper I used.

I know that I still like to wrap twine around just about everything.

And I still love Maya Roads…and glitter….

And….I still love scrapbooking!


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