Blog Update: Part One {Laura’s Visit}

To all my State-side friends…

I hope that you enjoy a blessed Independence Day.


It’s been awhile

This Summer has proven to be not only busy

but really, really FUN!

Laura and her girls, Hannah and Abigale visited last week.

They braved the 14 hour trip from California to Idaho

and arrived intact and happy!

Laura, 7 months pregnant with two little ones…

She is the very definition of brave.

Amongst the trips to the Splash Park,

Yellowstone’s Bear World

and Old Faithful.

We also had a quick trip to the Emergency Room.


The. Emergency. Room.

Laura had some early contractions, which were a little too close together.

Really scary.

But alas, after close monitoring and an exam,

all was well (mostly) and they sent Laura on her merry way (a little slower than before).

She promised to take it a little easier.


I took hundreds of photos while Laura and her girls were here…

…you know the photos will end up in future Scrapbook Pages

but I’ll share a few more anyway.

Izabelle and Hannah feeding the ducks:

Izabelle and Parker waiting for Old Faithful

(I think they looked a bit scared that It might erupt behind them while I was taking their photo):

A lazy guy at Bear World:

Also, last Wednesday was Keith’s Birthday (he’s in the photo above w/ the Bear World Crew).

I made him this card:

I have many more photos and projects to share…

Soon. Promise.

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend!

xoxo, Christie


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