A Gift From A Good Friend

My adorable, sweet friend Courtney is moving away.

She’s leaving Idaho and heading to Washington.

Courtney is the one crafty friend that I have made while living in Idaho.

We bonded immediately.

Last night, Courtney stopped by my house.

She gave me this beautiful personalized, handmade quilt.


Courtney is fabulous!

And I will miss her more than words.

It hurts to think about.

So, for now I won’t.

She leaves Friday.

And Thursday I will help her pack.

Look, she even added little yo-yo’s!

Courtney said that it needed “embellishments”.

She knows how much I love embellishements.

I love you Courtney.

I am going to miss you so much.

Thank you for this beautiful quilt

and for the gift of your friendship.


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