A New Pop-Up Friend

Who ever knew that posting a Pop Up Card on my blog would help me make a new bloggie friend?

Paul Stickland visited my blog!

Mr. Stickland is the creator of over 50 children’s books,

including Dinosaur Roar, Ten Terrible Dinosaurs, The Christmas Bear…

the list goes on and on!

Mr. Stickland sent me the following email:

Hi Christie,
I was admiring your pop up on your blog just now, great stuff!

I am the creator of many children’s pop up books and spend a lot of time on the road giving author visits and pop up workshops for children.

I have just created a blog  Pop Ups!    http://popups.posterous.com/  to showcase some of the amazing creations I see when I do these pop up workshops all over the UK.

I have set it up so that anyone can submit their own creations, so we can all see the incredibly imaginative work that is going on.
Would you be interested in putting in a piece in your blog to encourage some more submissions?
If you need any more details, please do get in contact.
With all best wishes,

And there you have it!

Be sure to check out his new Pop Up Blog by clicking



xoxo, Christie

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