Life Happens…Along With All It’s Surprises

School started.

That lovely time of year when I seem to have more creative time.

The time of year when the children become subject to all the germs floating around public school.

Surprise! Only three days of school and already my sweet Izabelle has been very sick with a stomach flu.

Poor thing, she’s on the mend now…kind of.

I have put away the carpet cleaner (yes, it got that bad). Yuk.


This paper has been waiting patiently for me:

Lovely My Mind’s Eye paper, I will play with you soon.

I’m longing to do something creative.

Isn’t it funny how I always think that next month I’ll have more time?

Next month always brings more lovely tasks with it.

I am behind.

This includes being behind on my blog posts. Again.


I do have fun news to share:

While I was in California helping my parents pack up their home, my father came across some priceless photos.

We thought that all of my Grandma Clara’s photos burned in a fire several years ago.

Well, SURPRISE! My father found several albums that his mother (Grandma Clara) had made just for him!

So exciting!

Especially since we have a Wolfe Family Reunion this Weekend!

I’m going to surprise (yes, another surprise) my sweet cousins with photos of our amazing Grandmother.

Grandma Clara passed over 16 years ago. We all loved her so dearly, she was the glue that held the Wolfe family together.  This weekend will actually be the first family reunion we’ve had since she was alive.

So, I will be busy scanning photos for the next few days….and burning disks…and cleaning house…and packing…

I’ll be back soon.

I know, I know, I’ve been saying that a lot.

Oh, almost forgot to share,

I made these fun fabric flowers (thanks for the tutorial Courtney):

Love to you all

xoxo, Christie

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