Graphic 45 {Domestic Goddess} Yet Again…

This is the last project that I created while I had my Domestic Goddess paper sitting on my desk.

I truly do love this line.  Probably because I aspire to be a Domestic Goddess myself.

I’m currently taking ongoing Parenting 101 classes and have taken many trial and error cooking courses through the years. I still haven’t figured out how to completely stay on top of the laundry and I take serious  issue with dusting.  However, I have conquered the vacuuming and mopping courses and have learned how to make a bathroom sparkle.  I admit, I do enjoy a clean house and a warm home-cooked meal.

What am I in desperate need of these days? A class on how to raise a teenager. Whew!

Have a lovely weekend!

Me? I’ll be watching the snow fall outside and enjoying every minute of it.

xoxo, Christie


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