Handmade Ornaments {Part Three}

These sweet ornaments were made by my mother.

To make the first ornament, mom used some red tulle, white crepe paper and scrapbook paper.

On the next ornament she used wrapping paper, red tulle and a white snowflake ornament.

So pretty!

Mom and I have also been busy in the kitchen.  She made fudge and I made divinity.  ‘

Tis the season!

Izabelle has been busy in the kitchen too…

She had some fun creating a little graham cracker ginger bread house.

Izabelle is such a creative little girl!

Izzy has really sparked an interest in cooking lately and has been a big help in the kitchen.

What a cute little house, right?

8 days until Christmas and loving every minute of it.

xoxo, Christie


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